“It's a fundamental shift in attitude that accounts for their success, not some brilliant realization about the market, as most people erroneously assume. This erroneous assumption is prevalent among traders simply because very few of them really understand, at the deepest levels, just how critical a component attitude is in determining one's success.”

TopstepTrader Combine #11 Final Results

Despite the final tally for this Combine, it was actually one of the most productive I've ever had.

I did reasonably well (for me) for the first portion of this Combine, but I felt like I was tip-toeing. I wanted to understand why I was doing reasonably well so I took a lot of trades in an attempt to find the weaknesses in my approach.

My timing was inopportune however, because for several days CL was pretty flat and choppy. When I experienced this it caused quite a bit of fear about the state of CL and whether the opportunities were drying up. So I started looking at ES. This split of my focus between CL and ES caused me to miss some decent opportunities in CL.

It didn't take long for CL to recover and start moving again, so one lesson I need to take away from this Combine is that it's important to understand that markets cycle between higher and lower volatility, and a few days of low volatility is not a signal to start jumping to other markets.

I'm feeling rather confident about my trading going forward from here now, and I plan to start another Combine soon.

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TopstepTrader Combine #11, Day 20

17 trades, 4 profitable, 13 cost of doing business, -40 ticks, -$510.06 net.

I took a lot of trades again today just for the experience. Almost half of those were in ES. I continue to realize things about myself and what I'm doing. I'll have a final post for Combine #11 in the next day or so.

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