“It's a fundamental shift in attitude that accounts for their success, not some brilliant realization about the market, as most people erroneously assume. This erroneous assumption is prevalent among traders simply because very few of them really understand, at the deepest levels, just how critical a component attitude is in determining one's success.”

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 20

-0.50pts / -$28.68

Today was the last day of Combine #6. My only objective for today was to finish this Combine in a way that would allow me to earn a rollover.

Because I had very little profit coming into today, I had very little I could risk without going below my starting capital. So, knowing I would likely get stopped out immediately, I set my protective stop at only 2 ticks to insure that I would still have some profit left at the end of the day.

I’ll post the stats for this Combine tomorrow.

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 19

-3.75pts / -$198.54

End of Week Review for TopstepTrader Combine #6

No major blowouts this week. On Friday I intentionally took more trades than I normally would have simply for the practice. I was willing to have a losing day to do this, but I was able to still come out with a tiny net profit.

I only have two more days left in this Combine, so I don’t expect to reach my initial goal (+$500 net profit), but overall I’m much happier with this Combine than any of the others I’ve done so far.

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 18

+0.50pts / +$6.60

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 17

+1.00pt / +$46.32

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 16

+0.75pts / +$30.14

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 15

+1.25pts / +$55.14

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 14

+0.25pts / +$5.14

End of Week Review for TopstepTrader Combine #6

Another tough day on Monday, but the rest of the week consisted of base hits and brought me back into the black.

This week I was also able to meet the "Overall Winning Day percentage" requirement for this Combine.

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 13

+1.00pt / +$46.32

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 12

+1.00pt / +$46.32

TopstepTrader Combine #6, Day 11

+1.00pt / +$46.32

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